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This Sicilian-inspired 4 person tablescape creates a whimsical dining table. It contains everything you need to lay a stylish setting including 2 charming Teste di Moro.

 Hand-made and hand-painted by Sebastiano Caristia, Sicilian artist based in Noto, the "Teste di Moro" or "Moor Heads" are characteristic ceramic vases of the Sicilian tradition used as ornaments that depict the face of a man accompanied by a young woman.



These precious vases have a long history that intertwines with legend. Around the 11th century, in Palermo’s Arab quarters  there was a beautiful, shy girl who kept to herself and loved taking care of the flowers on her balcony. A dashing Moor man, passing by her home, feel desperately in love with her. She fell in love with him as well, but unfortunately he had not told her he had a wife and children in the Orient, where he would soon return. When the girl found out the truth, she was so furious and hurt by the humiliation that she waited for the man to fall asleep and decapitated him, so he could never leave. She put the head on her terrace, turning it into a vase and planting a seed of basil in it. The herb – its name deriving from the Greek “basilikos”, meaning “the king’s plant” – grew strong, watered by the girl’s tears every day. Neighbors were impressed by its delicious scent, and created their own  ceramic vases resembling a man’s head. From then on, “Moor heads” spread all around Sicily, as a symbol of eternal love and of how two souls can be together forever, while never meeting again.


Your set will arrive lovingly packaged to enjoy time after time taking the hassle out of hosting. Your Tablescape is ready to go!

To shop the whole look, you can add our Meg Linen Tablecloth in ivory colorSalome Placemats & Gold Mat Cutlery to your basket.

Please note that fresh cut flowers & cutlery are not included in the box.

Limited Quantities.

This Tablescape for 4 people includes:

  • x4 Liberty Linen Placemats
  • x4 Noto Linen Napkins 
  • x1 Housse Bread Holder
  • x1 Small Burgundy Glass Little Vases Set of 4
  • x2 Teste di Moro - 1 Man and 1 Woman (14 cm)
  • x4 Sunny Day Porcelain  Plates
  • x1 Large Magnetic Seal Box

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